We are all one with the universe

I welcome you to the nomadic community where we are all one with the universe. My name is Stefy Bolivar, I love to create, travel and connect. Here most of the garments are unisex, timeless, versatile, multifunctional and exclusive designs, designed to facilitate and harmonize the path of the nomad within you, who is always in search of new destinations and adventures.

You will find many unique pieces worked by the hand of different artists and artisans from here and there, who are part of this community, who through their vision and the work they develop on each garment convey their love and connection to art , to so that you feel this connection through these #WEAREBLEART works of art.

‍ Today we have implemented many innovative, traditional and ancestral techniques such as embroidery, dyeing, weaving, screen printing, hand painting, patchwork, among others that are being added to the list. For our community it is very important to promote art, since it is a fundamental part of our DNA and our values.

If you have any special request, do not hesitate to write to us, we will create with you and for you


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