Handmade by one of our artists, this unisex piece belongs to a capsule of six ponchos, made in the same material and technique, but differing from each other by their shape and size: Without Hood Medium and Large, With Hood Medium and Large and Mao Collar Medium and Large, because they are completely handcrafted, they are all one of a kind pieces.

100% Organic linen canvas, it is very cool, cold to the touch, it also dries very fast and is thermoregulable, which means it adapts well to the weather.


TECHNIQUE: Traditional  Japanese embroidery Sashiko patchwork.

MATERIALS: 100% sand-colored linen canvas with yarn on side edges, scraps of different fabrics for decoration, thread and embroidery needle.

HOURS OF ELABORATION PER PIECE: Cutting and sewing of canvas 3 hours, embroidery 60 hours total: 63 Hours

INSPIRATION: What mainly inspired us for this capsule is the upcycling and minimal waste of materials in the workshop, where we make use of even the smallest pieces turning them into geometric figures that are then harmoniously put on each other and joined with the traditional Japanese Sashiko embroidery technique with multiple types of stitches, which shows the evolution of the artist after his first wool Sashiko capsule.



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